Question: What Are Passing Marks In CSS?

Is PMS easier than CSS?

It’s a myth that PMS is easier than CSS.

In reality, PMS is equally challenging as CSS.

The General Knowledge paper in PMS is much tougher than those in CSS..

What percentage is required for CSS?

40 %The minimum mark for qualifying compulsory paper is 40 % and for optional paper is 33 %. The candidate qualifying the written test will be shortlisted for further parts medical, psychological test and Viva-voce. Candidate can apply for rechecking of his or her paper.

Which field is best for CSS?

If you are aiming Foreign Services, then Political Science and International Relations is the best Option. For DMG group, BBA and Bachelor in Public Administration, Economics are better choices. For Police, Criminology and other related Social Sciences subjects will help you alot.

Can I do CSS after BA?

Yes, you can go for CSS after Pharm. D or any of the bachelor degree program.

When should I apply for CSS 2021?

Application Submission Date: 5th October to 3rd November 2020. Test Date: February 18, 2021. Gender: Male/Female/Special Persons Can Apply.

Which is better CA or CSS?

css is the best if u clear it. whish is very difficult and your luckiness also accounts. otherwise ca is a professional technical degree.

Can an average student pass CSS?

An average student with steady preparation can pass the exam but a bright student with over confidence will fail in all of three chances. Be confident and forget your overconfidence. Study hard so you could stand amongst the top ten.

Why do students fail in CSS?

Biggest reasons are poor method of articulation and time the board. Much of CSS depends on hard work appropriate direction and right planning .

What CGPA is required for CSS?

2nd division.. means C grade degree ==> 2.0 GPA is required to appear in CSS exams. However different universities have different criteria; if your universities don’t award you degree unless you achieve 2.5 GPA, you can’t appear then. But most universities have 2.0 criteria and same is the case with FPSC and PPSC.

What are jobs after CSS?

Here are the occupational groups:Pakistan Administrative Service.Foreign Service of Pakistan.Pakistan Customs Service.Police Service of Pakistan.Inland Revenue Service.Office Management Group.Information Group.Commerce and Trade Group.More items…

What is the passing marks of 100?

And the passing marks out of 100 is 33. Marks in internals and practicals are 20, 30, 40. Passing marks out of 20 is 6, that out of 30 is 9, and passing marks out of 40 is 13. Wherever the theory paper is of 60 marks, there the passing criteria in that paper is of 19 marks.

Is CSS better than MBBS?

Do both if you want to do. But if you are MBBS, it’s better to go for CSS first as it has some age limitations. It all depends on you. If you are neutral with both of these options and your passion for any of them is not what you are considering then it’s better if you take advice from a CSS office and a surgeon.

Is maths compulsory for CSS?

Each paper will be of 3 hours duration. The candidates should expect some objective type questions * (MCQ’s) in compulsory and optional papers except in the papers of Essay, Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics….COMPULSORY SUBJECTS (600MARKS)SubjectMarksPure Mathematics100Statistics100Geology 1001003 more rows

How can I pass my CSS exam in first attempt?

Just 3 to 4 months of preparation will be enough. Your first attempt should be aimed to pass to CE, most of the people just try to test themselves and they appear in the exam without any preparation. Avoid those people who discourage you. Daily to 4 to 5hours of study will be enough.

Is CSS exam difficult?

It is very easy to qualify CSS exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. … Preparation for each Paper: CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers.

How many hours should I study for CSS?

This will require 4-5 hours study per day. Depute one week each to optional subjects in order to cover them and then concentrate on compulsory subjects. If we depute one week each to every subject, it will take 3 months time to complete the cycle of all subjects.

Who is the topper of CSS 2019?

Rana Haider TahirRana Haider Tahir has topped CSS-2019.

How can I register for CSS 2021?

Candidates who want to apply for the CSS exams 2021 can apply online through the FPSC website. On the FPSC website, everything, application form, challan form, and syllabus of CSS 2021 is available. Fill the online application form carefully & take a print of it before the closing date, 03 November 2020.